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Navigating the requests of many stakeholders, while keeping the user's needs first.

User research • PRODUCT STRATEGY • USER INTERFACE DESIGN • visual design

A restaurant chain and franchise with locations throughout the midwest, Old Chicago is known to its customers as being the "craft beer authority." Almost all of their restaurants has their own individualized beer program, working with local breweries to bring the freshest drafts and bottles to their loyal customers. This focus on locality, carried through the entire product for the website redesign of Old Chicago.

Upon launch, the website uses GeoIP to locate the nearest Old Chicago, showing the user they are not just on Old Chicago's website, but their local "MY OC" location’s. First and foremost, location-specific events as well what is "New on Tap" are presented to the user, making it a customized experience.

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The strategy of localization is reinforced throughout the site with copy reminding the user that they are viewing a specific Old Chicago location's menu. This is done just as a product strategy, but to inform the backend, as there are variations in the menu based on region of a restaurant's location.

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The most visited page of the Old Chicago site is arguably the beer menu. The ever-changing menu features recently added beers—rotators—up at the top with a tabbed interface to toggle between "on draft" and "cans & bottles" limits the number of clicks it takes to view the entire menu while keeping it simple to browse.



The number one comment Chalk + Chisel heard from the Old Chicago team was the desire to create a "local" Old Chicago homepage. This became the strategy for the entire site. A site audit was performed of Old Chicago's existing website; working collaboratively with the product strategy team, I created a sitemap for the redesigned website while simultaneously working on an experience map for several user personas. 

Old Chicago Beer Board Administrative Interface


A secondary component of the work Chalk + Chisel completed for the Old Chicago team was an internal-facing administrative interface for restaurant managers to update their frequently rotating beer lists and keep customers up-to-date with what new beers are available. From the administrative interface, the digital beer boards in each restaurant are updated in real time to reflect when kegs are tapped or new cans are added. In addition, the restaurant managers can print these new fresh lists for customers seated away from the bar area where the digital beer boards are displayed.

Working collaboratively with the developers to determine a user flow of how a manager might go about adding new beers to their menu, I led a whiteboard brainstorming session where we identified the pieces of beer data that change based on restaurant location, and what interactive pieces would easily allow the managers to change this data.

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