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wego Concerts

Jumping into a project midway, learning quickly, and adapting to the needs of all involved. 

User Interface design • User research

wego is a social event discovery app designed to connect people around live music. Inspired by the wego founder's experience of moving to a new city and making new friends at shows, we worked together to create an app focused on enhancing the concert experience and building a community.


One part event management, one part social community, upon launch wego shows users suggested events as well suggestions for new users to follow based on shared interests. To eliminate an infinite vertical scroll, events are always presented in a horizontal scroll, as indicated by previewing the next event to the right of the one being suggested.

Having a scrollable, glanceable list of events was important to users. Being able to see suggested events, access all other events, and have keyword search capabilities was critical to users having success in finding concerts related to their music taste and interests. 

On an individual event page, users have many ways in which to interact. The tabbed view is used again, giving the option to buy tickets or chat with other wego users about an event. First and foremost, attendees are the most prominent on an event page, and users are both able to view user profiles and share the invite to followers within the app. These invites are shown as notifications in the Messages feature.